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Social Ocean is a marketing consultancy, based North of Brisbane, in Australia. We work with Clients locally and internationally suited to their needs, in our office, by video chat, on site or in the comfort of our client's own workspace.

With so many online platforms available to boost your business, we help our clients explore them all! Get into blogging, creating content, social media, networking offline and online, website building and reframing, live streaming and more. Our social media management services support you from launching your business to launching your next big campaign.

Combining our love and experience of social media and corporate events, Social Ocean also markets to business owners keen to host their own events with our powerful event marketing processes.


Small workshops are often run on site at the Redcliffe office (max. 4), as well as publicly ticketed workshops across the year for both social media and event management.


We love exploring all the opportunities accessible and suited to your industry and organisation, to reflect who you are, what you do and how you can best serve your clients.

You are a business owner, entrepreneur or professional organisation with a passion for your business, excellent at what you do, providing excellent customer service, have amazing products or services to sell and know how important Social Media is to your Marketing Strategy?

You are aware how much time your Customers spend on Social Media and realise your business must have a presence where they are spending time.

Though passionate about your business and understand the importance Social Media has in your business, you also don't have time to try and implement everything you hear about it. Nor do you know how to go about that in an optimised manner - does this sound like you?

Social Ocean understands that as a business owner your job is time-consuming without having to be responsible for the creativity that Social Media and Marketing requires. It can be the most time-sapping activity a business owner needs to do and can feel life-sucking when you don't know how to use features, or know what features are available. Perhaps you'd just like to know how to uncover the tricks to optimising your platforms for business.

Social Ocean is your cost-effective, time savvy resource. It's our job to help with your business social media, corporate events and supporting marketing projects and launching campaigns.


Catering to various levels of experience or knowledge we can help you with Social Media Training, Planning, Content or Manage it for you. We have a flare for branding and bespoke customisation.


As Corporate Event Specialists we offer the same variety of services with Event Planning and Training, but our Corporate Event Management Service offers a rounded support system incorporating all elements of your marketing and administration for successful events and growth in attendance.

As a marketing consultancy, we love building brands via creative avenues and our bespoke services include Web Design, Business schedules, Admin practices, Corporate Training, Guest Speaking, Team Workshops and more...

About You

Kirsty at Social Ocean is fantastic. She does amazing work and is very responsive.

I'd highly recommend her services to anyone who needs graphics or social media done. I'm so glad that I connected with her and her team. I will be using her services more often in the future.

Mike - Webdesigner, VA Profiles (USA)

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