We Believe In...

Speaking English. Yes we speak the language - but we mean plain talking, so you can understand what we mean. There's no point getting caught up technical lingo you can't understand.

Collaborating with our network. By imparting shared knowledge with others, growth can be experienced and celebrated together and your business community can thrive with you and together.

Sharing knowledge with our clients. What's the point in keeping a secret!

Balance in your working life is not just a dream for us! We travel, drink with friends and get our stuff done - sometimes outside the normal 9 to 5 grind. We achieve it by continuous learning and deciding the best way forward using what we learn.

Passion for whatever it is YOU do. You are the expert in what you do and working with you and helping you to share that passion is important to us.


All of these points are key to the success of Social Ocean and our clients. As your Events & Social Manager: we use our beliefs in every thing we do with our clients.

About Kirsty Fields

Kirsty Fields is the Creative Director (and Owner) of Social Ocean and has over 20 years experience coordinating corporate, sporting, volunteer and kids events - everything from small intimate art gallery openings to national sports games with over 10,000 fans in attendance. Kirsty has the imagination and artistic style to create an event to meet your needs.

After years of event management, sponsorship coordination and administration work in both private and government sectors, her interest in Marketing led her to study. Eager to learn about modern marketing and promotional techniques to round out her event management and administrative skillset, she returned to study. However traditional marketing methods still the lead course content, and her interest in learning about modern digital techniques was left unfulfilled. Instead, she continued to up-skill through professional development, work training, trial and error, more trial and error and lots of research about new platforms, marketing software and reading endlessly about digital and content marketing.

Her work ethic, attention (or OCD) to detail, computer skills, artistic flair and ability to understand her client's needs is the perfect combination for small businesses to learn.

In previous roles, her management of Social Media accounts became primary to the marketing and promotion of those businesses. Away from work, Social Media interactions became a personal interest; With a love of travel, Social Media practices around the world have expanded her depth of understanding in practice variation. An active contributor to the Canva, Google and Stock Imagery communities sees her networking with Digital and Marketing Specialists around the globe.

Engaging Social Ocean for event planning, social media training, digital marketing, building or customising your branding and administration will save on costs. You will learn and see the results first hand. Train yourself, up-skill your young or inexperienced employees and develop your understanding, knowledge and skills from basic to advanced no matter what level of experience you currently have. 


Her practical advice, skill at account activation and implementation into daily business procedures is second to none and her understanding of learning styles ensures Kirsty can provide training to accommodate everyone.

Social Ocean is based in Redcliffe, but as a mobile business works onsite with your staff and has the capacity to host small group training at the office (max. 4), or via online conference calls to find you wherever you are in the world.     

"Very competent trainer - provided info that I could implement straight away"


Fashion Director, Park Lane Jewellery

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