Creating your own artwork for social media sites, online presentations, print material and websites is easy with Canva.

Canva is a free-to-use online software and APP that enables you to create documents, designs and social media artwork. It provides users with stock imagery, illustrations and templates to make the absolute novice look like a design pro.


Canva is an Australian creation. Bonus! It's the best of the free software available (in our humble opinion) and we've been training newbies to success since we launched. Kirsty Fields, owner of Social Ocean, also participates in an exclusive Canva group offering assistance back to Canva to improve it's services. That's how much we love it!

Social Ocean offers Canva classes which are just like our Social Media Courses. We work with you face-to-face on how you can create branded designs. It doesn't matter what your interest are, business or otherwise. In just two hours you'll be designing like you were born to it!


Don't let the idea of branding freak you out. Learn the basics and add some bang into your digital footprint.

Canva Classes complement Social Ocean Facebook Courses and Instagram Courses perfectly. Once you've learnt how to create content for your Business' social media accounts, learn how to create visually impactful designs to complement your product knowledge.

Canva Classes take two - three hours of time. The variance in time is dependent on your computer skill level. If you are already making imagery in Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint on a regular basis two hours will get you going ASAP.

If you don't know what all of the Microsoft programs mentioned above are, we'll work with you to determine the allotted time it may take us to draw the designer out of you and tailor a training plan.

​​Contact Social Ocean today to book in your class or discuss your training needs.

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