Mulit-award winning Event Manager Kirsty Fields has an Event Management solution for your level of event experience, skill, budget and business requirements.

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It's all in the details!

The basis of success for your event has occurred before the day arrives. Planning and attention to detail make the difference to your guests, following and community growth. Social Ocean's attention to detail is what can set your event on fire (not literally)!

Crowd Engagement

As your Event Manager, we can engage your audience with the hosts, sponsors and stakeholders to promote your event program for the duration of your function. Let us take over your social media!

Delegate Feedback,

2019 Spirit of Learning

This was a fantastic conference

and I appreciate how above and beyond everyone went to ensure

this conference was beneficial and meaningful for all.

Amanda, BETA Treasurer

Engaging an events professional is the best decision our Committee has made. We are a time-poor group. Having Social Ocean handle the planning, promoting, managing and administering of our Professional Development Program has seen our attendance rise 25%

Kathy, Spending Planners Institute

Kirsty has also built a significant framework for promoting our events which was something we were dismally lacking.

Event Plans

Have an event idea, but don't know how to execute it? What you need is an Event Plan.


Discuss your event idea with Social Ocean to have an event plan either customised for one event, or provided for you ready to edit and customise to your varied ideas. Our plans allow you to follow through with the planning to our advised timeline.

We create step by step 10 Week Event Plans. When you implement your plan, you'll be planning a successful, professional event. Stop the time-wasting of meetings, have your team work to your needs in real time.

Your plan provides the list of tasks to be completed on a weekly basis to spread the load and stress leading into your event. Inclusions on your plan are:

  • your Marketing campaign timeline,

  • sending promotional communications,
  • contact schedules,

  • when to book outsourced items, and

  • provision of suggestions for systems/services.

Be rid of procrastination or poor time management. Stop saying "I'll get to it soon", get a plan and implement it.


Social Ocean Event Plans start with 1 hour Consultation, and a week later you'll have your customised Event Plan.


​Plan for success with a Social Ocean Events Plan.


Event Management

Contact us with your event date and details to engage Social Ocean as your Event Manager.

We'll take your budget and interests on board and present you with options for Event Management to make your next event a success!

This Social Ocean service consists of a 1 hour consultation, and follow up meeting a week later to discuss the proposed Event Plan before the Management of your Event will begin.

Note: Private event requests by application.

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