National Finalist - Small Business Champion Award - 2019 YAwards

Awards program presented by YMag


This award recognises an outstanding small business and their performance on all levels. These high-achievers haven proven themselves as leaders in the community, business, workplace and in their support of other women.

National Finalist - Community Award - 2019 YAwards

Awards program presented by YMag

This award is designed to encourage, acknowledge and reward valuable contributions individuals and businesses are making in the community.

Winner - 2018 Awards for Excellence in Education & Policy

Presented by Stormwater Queensland


Awarded for the Practical Application of Australian Rainfall & Runoff 2016 Conference Series.

This Award recognises excellence in policy/regulation, and educational programs/activities that facilitate or accelerate the uptake of stormwater management principles and practises that lead to the sustainable use and management of stormwater.


Social Ocean was the Events Marketer and Conference Manager of the Queensland-wide events delivered by Urban Environmental Solutions and Rocla.


Winner - Innovation Gold Award - 2016 Awards for Excellence

Presented by Queensland Police Service


Awarded for the public campaign "It's Your Choice", an initiative of the Moreton District of the Queensland Police Service, delivered advertising messages for the community to make better decisions to reduce assault, youth violence and public disorder reduction. The initiative was born from diverse community consultation, collaboration and stakeholder need identification.

The QPS Awards for Excellence acknowledge and reward individuals and teams for innovative, creative and outstanding initiatives, projects or systems that have been implemented across the state.

Kirsty Fields was the Events Coordinator of the public launch of the Queensland Police Service campaign "It's Your Choice"at Dolphin Oval, 19th April 2015.




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