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Social Media: Search & Rescue

Have you been in business for some time now and have a social media footprint already? If you answered "yes", that's great news.

Do you enjoy seeing the interaction from your clients, getting "likes" on Instagram, maybe some "shares" and "comments" on Facebook and the occasional "retweet" on Twitter? If you answered "yes" again, it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of being liked and relevant to your customers.

Are the same people who like, follow, tweet and comment also buying lots of your product or services too? If you answered "yes", congratulations - you must be marketing smart and know all the tricks to use.

If you answered "NO" to any or all of these questions, read on about how a health check of your Social Marketing can help your business grow.

Ask Social Ocean to "Search & Rescue" your Social platforms to get insights on changes you can make in just one day, to get your Social Marketing working smarter AND harder!


Find out:

  • What's missing

  • Receive content feedback

  • Branding tips to boost recognition

  • Demographic details about your customer

  • Scheduling information to tap into your market

  • Find out what your ideal CTA is (or find out what a CTA is)

"Very competent trainer - provided info that I could implement straight away"


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