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There is a Social Ocean solution to suit your business' Social Media requirements.

I have never understood Social Media until now.


Since meeting with Kirsty I

now "get it" and can see the potential for my business.


Kay - Area Manager,

EC Credit Control

Social Media: Account Creation

New to business? New to social media? Looking to expand your social footprint and just need the job done?

Social Ocean can create your Social Media accounts in full, according to your business Style Guide, linking them ready for automation with your business information ready for your ongoing management.

What does this mean? We won't just create the accounts, we will complete your profiles with consistency, branding and information ready for use, promotion and success!

Or, we can create only the accounts you are missing and simply charge by the hour based on your business needs.

Get the job done with our affordable services and you'll be up and running on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn (and more) this week!


Social Media: For Business

Wouldn't it be great to have the time to study Marketing before you go into business? (Yes, it sure would be).

Wouldn't it be great to be able to afford a Marketing Manager from Day 1? (Oh yes, it sure would be).

We understand the world of marketing, promotion, advertising and social media and we know this requires full-time attention for your business for greater success. However, until you have the clientele and income, this is a task you have to cover on your own.

Regardless of where your skills lie with personal social media use, Social Ocean provides you with basic to advanced levels of training in various platforms of social media so you can learn, understand and implement processes to use social media for business.

Maximise your marketing dollar by developing your own skills today. You will receive handy reference guides, customised sample schedules and face to face training, for yourself or a chosen staff member, to get you going faster!

Training topics cover a multitude of areas depending on your level of training, and can include: Building Your Account, Activity Guidelines, Branding, Call To Actions, Appealing To Clients, SEO, Understanding Analytics & Statistics, Advertising

​Social Ocean is the best thing that's happened to our office regarding training and education for a long time.


Jody Allison, Owner
Crown Properties Redcliffe

Social Media: For Newbies

Are you new to Facebook? We've created a special introductory guide especially for you.


If you are looking for Facebook for Business training but don't know what a Reaction is or think that a Tag is something that comes on your clothes, then you should be completing a Facebook for Beginners session with Social Ocean.


We will sit with you for a four hour session and go through the most basic of Facebook features:

  • Wouldn't it be great to be able to do more than stalking of family photos?

  • Would you like to know how to type a comment on your son/daughters page - and turn it into a conversation?

  • Would you like to learn how to invite family to Christmas Lunch without having to call every person in the family?

  • Do you want to know how to "Keep up with the Kardashians"?

After a Social Media session with Social Ocean you will be more confident, ready to engage & not just stalk, be able to comment appropriately so your kids want to talk back to you, and you will get to keep your reference guide to keep practicing. Book in for a face-to-face training session or purchase a voucher for your Mum/Dad/Grandparents to get them going like a pro!

Training topics cover a multitude of areas depending on your level of training, and can include: Likes & Reactions, Menus, Posting, Tagging, Photos, Commenting, Sharing, Events, Settings, Notifications, Shortcuts, Privacy.


Thanks Kirsty so much for your easy to understand training today. Helpful when you struggle with Social Media. Feeling some what inspired to look into it some more.

Lynn Mather

Social Media: Planning

Do you have days where your artistic flair stayed in bed?

Are there days you are so busy you didn't get to Facebook to post about your upcoming event or offer until bed time?

Are your staff great at posting on social media but some training and direction on their content would go a long way?

Are you aware that structured social media content effects your client base?

Book Social Ocean in for onsite training to give direction to your staff to drive your business base: our one-on-one or group training will give them confidence and increase their understanding of content creation for social media use specific to your business.

Or... Social Ocean can write and schedule content for you using our account management engine (see below).


The trick to great Social Media is in the fine details. Each platform has different requirements, hashtags, image sizes, character count and it's always changing. With Social Ocean managing your accounts, this will no longer be your problem.

Social Ocean uses an outstanding account management engine to manage your activity including Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Private Groups, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Specialised services include the automation of customer engagement and follower/fan interaction tools, coordinating social media advertising and amazing analytical tools for you to understand your customers in greater detail. Our unique engine enables us to automate key communications, schedule content, retweet and like posts on your behalf, monitor responses and mentions and more...


Leave the management to Social Ocean and use your time to concentrate on day-to-day business knowing your social media is working for you.

Social Media: Management

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