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A business owner needs to know that their website will help them get found on Google, how it helps them get found on Social Media (& vice versa), that it will work properly, and either be better than their competitors or that it will bring in clients, sales and leads.

The benefits of your website are relevant to the features it presents to your clients.


Simply improving your Google results with little expectation of anything else is the perfect place to start. A "squeeze page" or "landing page" are common terms for a single page website.


Increasing your sales or bookings performance is the most common outcome a business owner needs a website for. A well structured website - that does not mean fancy - can purposefully collect data on your visitors, allow you to communicate with them further, drive sales, reduce difficulty for your visitors and provide all the information and proof your new client is looking for.

Design: Websites by Wix

During my career I've worked overseeing websites with customised web-editing dashboards that were so well designed by a coding genius that only coding genius' could have used them.

This is not an area I'm interested in learning - to become a coding genius - and I have been seriously offended by web business owners telling me that after they create my website if I need to make an edit, they would do that for a fee (of course), but there would be no element of training provided to me - even for a fee - nor would I be guaranteed a change would be made within a certain time frame. The job would be completed as it comes in amongst other clients.

Yes, I understand web designers are in business to make money also. Of course I do. But if I spot a spelling error and teeny tiny edit and I can't figure out how to do that, how good is my website for me?


What I want of my web designer is to have create it to MY needs. MY needs so that I can:

  1. understand it,

  2. start using it immediately,

  3. pay for training (if necessary),

  4. google search a query for a guide or support group instead of paying for more advice,

  5. relieve myself of ongoing costs and wait times to use my own marketing tools.

After working with several agencies that ranged from low cost, mid range to high end and extremely pricey agencies all within a short period of time I became disillusioned about the path to a successful website for myself.

And the road of research continued for me to learn how I could design my own from scratch. Well... from a template... possibly... probably. But something I could customise as I like.

If you too want a website that gives you all of the above, inquire with Social Ocean today. We'll build out a Wix website from all your supplied content and imagery for just $700*.

PLUS in a lot of circumstances, we are able to create your site in one week**.


  • *Fees are for the design/creation of your website and implementation of your content and imagery by Social Ocean only. Additional APP options are available and can be implemented to your website for additional fees depending on requirements.

  • **All content and imagery must be provided by the client in advance of project commencement.

  • Domain purchase and subscription costs are in addition to the Social Ocean fee and are at the client's additional expense for payment. These additional payments will be required to be paid for the use of customised (privately owned) Domain names. A Domain name is the website address you can purchase for your business name or similar e.g. Social Ocean's Domain name is and we purchased this Domain via a third party domain registration company.

  • Training on how to use your Wix website can be coordinated with Social Ocean for an additional fee. A maximum of three hours is the nominated time required for training. This will be dependent on the size of your website and your ability/skill level of using computers.

  • If you have e-commerce requirements, we do not recommend you use a Wix website.

  • Visually appealing, informative and product highlights are easily achieved via Wix. If you like our website, send us an inquiry today!

word press website editor

Already have a Word Press website you need assistance with?

Our Word Press expert, works quickly! Do not wait one more day for your web designer to make those changes you requested weeks ago. The biggest problem we hear from clients with Word Press sites is that their current editor is very slow to communicate and even slower to action requests. 

Let Social Ocean optimise your Word Press site, provide you with suggestions, report on it's performance and streamline it's purpose.

Speak directly to Social Ocean about your editing requirements. We'll then provide you with a quote for service to whip your website back into shape.

A monthly service rate for updating regular products, promotions and features is now available with Social Ocean.

wix website editor

Already have a Wix website you need assistance with?

Our Wix expert, works quickly and can work on a monthly retainer for updating regular products, promotions and features.

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