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Instagram for Business



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Content Creation

Instagram for Business

Design with Canva

Networking for Success

Content Planning

Whether you're new to business or you've been in business for 20 years, social media is one of the biggest pain points for those with a small number of team members or working in a specialist industry without dedicated marketing staff. Social Media is a specialist marketing area and requires study, practice, consistency and creativity. 


At Social Ocean we understand how learning and keeping up with social media is a full time job! Our selection of topical and instructional workshops however teach you the basics of social media, help you realise how to find out more information about your clients in order to service their interests in you, your business and your products.


Social Ocean hosts group workshops, corporate training sessions and offers one-to-one appointments for those in business to learn about how using key of social media and optimising your messaging can help you get found online, increase your traffic and see growth in engagement.




Social Ocean hosts the final round of public workshops for business owners to learn about key social media platforms in November. Workshops will be held on the 21st and 22nd November 2019.

BE Original with your Content

BE Branded with Canva 2.0

​BE Beautiful with Instagram

Catherine, LuvaMama

Relaxed, fun atmosphere with all hands on practical support

Val, Young Living Oils

This workshop really opened my eyes, but it also helped me in so many ways with understanding how important it is to have a 12 month plan and make sure you measure your progress

Lisa, Crown Properties

Enjoyed our recent training with Social Ocean, Kirsty makes it so enjoyable and easy to understand. Follow up and support I have received is fantastic



Don't wait any longer to learn more about social media for your business. Request an appointment for you, your team, Keynote speaking, conference sessions or more.

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